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Out of step with the (adult) world.

A straight edge community for older, wiser, or more critical kids.

Straight edge kids wise enough to be critical.
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Please read this info carefully if you're planning to join this community. If you disagree with it, this isn't the place for you. There are other straight edge communities where you'll feel more welcome. I will take your request to join as a confirmation that you have read, and agree with, the following information:

This community is generally for older folks who are interested in the philosophy of straight edge. We believe in the merit of straight edge as it was originally intended, a punk rock based social protest movement grounded in the refusal to comply with socially sanctioned intoxication. Thus, we do not smoke, drink alcohol, take drugs, or consume sex as a commodity. We are not, however, celibate, nor are we religious, nor are we prudes: we are punks who believe in the primacy of the personal dignity robbed by intoxication, and who believe that the dominant consumer-culture of inebriation is bullshit. This is not about purity. If your idea of straight edge includes remaining "pure," you will be better suited in another community.

What is considered straight edge has strayed a long way from its sensible punk-rock roots and the majority of those who take the moniker upon themselves are teenagers drunk on machismo, puritanism, and dogma. All this empty grunting about “strength” and “oath” and “truth” and “brotherhood” and “honour” (and any other vacant gibberish that wouldn’t sound out of place in a Baptist tent meeting) is a lot of hot air that only serves to cover up what is essentially another trend for kids who want someone to tell them what to believe.

This space is for those who believe that straight edge is a viable position of opposition to a culture that believes the one can reach the apex of existence by trying to distract one’s self from the pain and emptiness of everyday life for a short period of time. We are disgusted and depressed by our culture, which enslaves folks and drills into them that the only freedom and peace they can feel is the kind they can purchase. Straight edge is our way of ridiculing this moronic notion. As sxe_grownup Steve Swizzbeats aptly put it, "straight edge is, most of all, about fun, and refusing to use chemicals to make boring things seem entertaining and refusing to let greedy, uncreative assholes in show business tell me that my fun isn't."

Membership is by request, but reasonably loose. If you think that you're into what we're doing, feel free to join up. This community is not for everyone: we are here because we've been made to feel like we don't belong elsewhere in straight edge, where pious children with half-formed ideas they will inevitably give up after the age of 21 pretend that they can pass off religious nuttery, patriotism, and patriarchy as somehow related to rebellion. If you believe in that stuff, fine. That's not what this is about, and there are communities elsewhere where you will feel welcome.

Though this is intended for older folks, all ages are welcome, so long as they're interested in mature discussion. Also, don't advertise other communities here, particularly not those puerile "rate me!" communities.

This community is pro-gay. If you have a problem with that, go someplace else. There will be no tolerance for homophobia, racism, sexism, transphobia, etc. There will be absolutely no tolerance for those who think that straight edge has anything in common with the bigotry of One Life Crew, Floorpunch, and their ilk. This is not the place for hardliners, and "hate-edge" dweebs are cordially invited to go die. That is all.
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